Wednesday 20 November 2019

A day in the the work yard.

A good day starts with practicing yoga, experimenting in new contortions suited to each of the many deceptively spacious lockers on a boat.  This locker is relatively comfortable to work in but getting out is made complicated by the sloping slippery surfaces. The only way is up, as they say, but this requires a full upper body work-out before one's feet can be unwound and lowered to grip the sloping and slippery floor to give a final push up and out.

Working in this locker is preferable though to the front lockers, where, after getting one shoulder through at a time you have to use core strength not to collapse onto the bow thruster control circuits.  Even my long arms don't reach the floor/hull of the boat to provide support. In any case, to complete the rewiring task I needed both hands for the crimping and cutting tools, the cables, crimps, and screws.  Breathing with one's chest supported on the edge of the locker does not come naturally.  Intense concentration on the task in hand and it is easy to forget to breath.  Oone has to stop working and put into practice some yoga or pilates breathing to re-ventilate, helping one's chest to rise up as it expands using core strength then relaxing gently down on the out-breath.

This would be fine but concentrating on breathing, the screw or cable that you are about to crimp moves away from the terminal, swinging to catch it the torch falls to the floor, Darkness.  Time to complete the yoga "flow" by exiting the hole one shoulder at a time, entering at a different angle to reach the torch and dropped screw and then repeating the process.  I will never complain about "down-dogs" and planks again.

Meanwhile back in the main cabin works are progressing with a new cupboard and fridge unit.  

The Corian worksurface is being fabricated under the hull of a catamaran, creating an outdoor workshop.  It looks like I am struggling to comprehend the apparently simple subject of hinges and handles.   I should stick to software, it is easier to understand.

and at least Jose knows where the hole is....

From here the snow from the Corian cuttings is at risk of washing or blowing away into the environment unless swept up quickly.  Inside sanding the gel coat has caused layers of dust to settle on and in everything in sight.On this unusually productive day, the work surface is getting its first try out in the cabin, just as the carpenter arrived to finish off installing a new cupboard.   But it doesn't take long for the cabin to be full of "snow" too.

As nightfalls, we can dream of retreating to our cabin,  where even yoga practice could not make the bed comfortable.

I have given up working on the wind generator controller for the day. Time to retire to Casa 1, where we have a room in a shared apartment and to plan our escape from RAM marina in just over a week, will we make it?

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