Sunday 4 July 2021

2021 - Paused in French Polynesia

Following the death of my father in September our plans for sailing further into the Pacific became plans for spending a few months in the UK, extended by Covid travel restrictions to become seven months.   We are now back on the boat in maintenance heaven preparing for a few months sailing round in circles within French Polynesia – given French Polynesia occupies a sea area the size of Europe and comprises three main island groups each with their own unique features we should not be wanting for new experiences.

Many have left this year for Fiji and New Zealand, and this was certainly our plan but the need to be able to travel home for family reasons means we must stay put as nowhere else allows return travel. 

The timing of the cyclone season and the continuing travel restrictions in the rest of the Pacific means that we will delay our passage west until this time next year.   We hope by then that countries will have started to emerge from the Pandemic, meaning we might be able to stop at Pacific Islands along the way to Fiji, New Zealand or Australia.  Let’s hope the vaccine roll-out accelerates and vaccine hesitancy, which is a significant issue in all the Pacific Islands is overcome.

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