Friday 5 June 2020

Decision Made

We are now on our way to French Polynesia.We can be tracked on the "where are we now" section of our blog or directly on this link.

The decision, when it needed to be made, was easy.  There was no safe Eastbound option.   We could not even get permission to leave here for Salinas in Ecuador and Panama started to do mad things like tell cruisers to leave immediately (having not allowed them to leave) and fine them for not renewing visas, even though the offices were closed so renewal was impossible.  The electrical storms that are a daily occurrence at this time of year provided a further good reason to go west.  We now have to take our chances with French Polynesia and whatever lies beyond. We will though, be reunited with many of our friends after at least 21 days at sea, 14 days quarantine and however long it takes to catch up with them;- that's assuming all goes well with the check-in process when we arrive.

We will miss the Galapagos having had as good a time in lockdown as one could reasonably expect in a worldwide pandemic.  In the last week or so we have had the bonus of being able to see some of the Santa Cruz Island as the lockdown has been partially lifted and the Island declared COVID 19 free.

I had my first cappuccino since February, and somehow we just had to have a burger because we could.

What will we remember? The Iguanas might be special, the sharks plentiful and unusual, and the giant tortoises are astonishing; but it is the Sea Lions that we will miss the most.  They are cheeky and playful and somehow they always make you smile.

Here are a few photo reminders of our last few weeks in the Galapagos.



Sz said...

You were always destined to head westward on your adventures. These are amazing photos from your stay. You have been privileged to be
‘under the skin’ of the Galapagos, seeing things that tourist, like me don’t get to see. I have enjoyed your stories and our dialogues, particularly the flying fish story. You two are a strong team and will find a new rhythm for your sail. You certainly are used to isolation and the solitude of the night watches you will have for this marathon journey to FP. Go safely and enjoy every moment my friends. I do hope to join you.....somewhere, some how. Xxx Sz

Alison & Randall SV Tregoning said...

This is excellent news that you have been able to make an "unforced" decision about where to go and what to do. We are glad to see and hear that you have thoroughly enjoyed the Galapagos Islands and we hope that all goes well with your passage to and through French Polynesia and beyond. Good luck and fair winds.

Alison and Randall SV Tregoning said...

Tracking you at around half-way - thank you for the link. Looking good!

Alison & Randall SV Tregoning said...

It looks as though you should be arriving in Nuku Hiva within hours. Congratulations on an excellent passage! We hope that you have a truly splendid time in French Polynesia as you certainly deserve it. Although the Tuamotu atolls can look a bit intimidating, if you are able to stop on the way to Tahiti, we hope that you enjoy some wonderful snorkeling there. The southern pass into Fakarava is not to be missed!